Syrian war will go on despite Western strikes

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Western governments said Assad was responsible for the use of internationally prohibited weapons, though the Syrian and Russian governments denied any involvement in the attack.

"I have repeatedly expressed my deep disappointment that the Security Council failed to agree on a dedicated mechanism for effective accountability for the use of chemical weapons in Syria", he added.

Russian missile defense systems were not used. There is no reason to believe that the "overall erosion of the use of chemical weapons will change".

"Experts from the chemical weapons committee enter the town of Douma", state news agency SANA wrote, referring to the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW).

Kori Schake, deputy director-general of the International Institute for Strategic Studies, told NPR's Morning Edition on Monday that "this is a problem that you're going to have to keep paying attention to, because every time Bashar al-Assad needs a battlefield victory that he can't achieve by conventional forces, he employs chemical weapons to terrorize the rebels into submission".

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a United Kingdom -based organization observing the Syrian civil war, reported almost 85 percent of the half million victims of the war were killed by the Syrian military and their allies. Too many duck the responsibility that comes with being a member of this council.

"From the point of view of al-Assad, Iran and Russian Federation, the real action of this war is happening on the ground and on the ground al-Assad is winning", said Landis. The massive increase in activity was noticed the day after US strikes on Syria.

Dunford told reporters Friday that the USA sought targets that would limit any involvement with Russian military forces in Syria and reduce the risk of civilian casualties.

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Analysts have said however that it would take more for the West to mount a meaningful challenge to Russia's weight as a broker. It also has troops in Iraq, where Iran-backed militias hold considerable sway. The ministry reported that a total of 103 cruise and air-to-surface missiles had been fired, 71 of them were shot down by Syria's air defense units.

Here are statements from some Congressional Leaders regarding the United State's joining France and Great Britain in conducting these attacks. "If al-Assad and his allies can weaken the SDF, they can crack the foundation of the U.S. military's planning for Syria".

The network is notorious for running pro-Trump propaganda, although this is a big break with the president, who has tweeted furiously about the chemical attack and launched airstrikes on Syria in retaliation.

Syrian government supporters on Saturday wave Syrian, Iranian and Russian flags as they chant slogans against President Trump during demonstrations following a wave of U.S., British and French military strikes.

Yet even The New York Times was moved to express concern that "the new strikes posed the risk of drawing the United States more deeply into a conflict in which Russian Federation and Iran have more invested than ever in keeping Mr. Assad in power".

Those who cheer this most recent intervention all too easily forget the lessons of Iraq and Libya-in so doing they also denigrate global multilateral bodies that they so often claim to believe in.

"This crisis in Syria is an unfortunate example of a conflict where the rules of war have been largely disregarded", she said.