Trump Lawyer Secretly Represented Conservative TV Host

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Hannity has recently used his show to launch attacks on those the president is unhappy with, including former Federal Bureau of Investigation chief James Comey and Special Counsel Robert Mueller. It is still unclear what kind of legal services Cohen provided Hannity.

"Not one of any issue I ever dealt with Michael Cohen on ever - ever - involved a matter between me and any third party", Hannity added. His show is seen by the network as an opinion show, but many get their news from it and other shows on the network.

Conflict of interest and failure to disclose don't come near describing the sins of a show host on a channel with the word "news" in its title behaving as Hannity did in his handling of stories involving his secret lawyer. Cohen is under investigation over hush payments made to keep women quiet about alleged affairs with Trump.

"As you can imagine, there was really shock in the courtroom", the CNN correspondent said.

Stephen Ryan testified that Hannity was Cohen's third client.

"I understand he doesn't want his name out there, but that's not enough under the law", she said. The identities of those clients were bound to impress: the President of the United States, Fox News' Sean Hannity and Republican fundraiser Elliott Broidy. I never paid a legal fee.

Although he later clarified his comments to suggest that he expected that some of his conversations with Cohen would be confidential, his earlier denial that a relationship ever existed renders that expectation unpersuasive. I did have occasional brief conversations with Michael Cohen-he's a great attorney-about legal questions I had, or I was looking for input or perspective.

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With respect to Mr. Hannity, I'm betting some of his communications with Mr. Cohen will enjoy the privilege while other discussions like those pertaining to politics will be afforded no such protection.

"And to be absolutely clear: They never involved any matter, any-sorry to disappoint so many-matter between me or third parties, or third groups, at all".

"My questions, exclusively nearly, focused on real estate".

He isn't a journalist. Now it's time to tell his audience. In that sense, they help shape the national agenda itself.

Officially, Fox News is standing behind Hannity. In addition to sharing a lawyer, and what appears to be a close personal friendship, Trump uses Hannity as a sounding board for ideas, a litmus test for what his base thinks, and a de-facto adviser, sources told The Washington Post.

David Zurawik is the media critic for The Baltimore Sun.