Zuckerberg meets with lawmakers ahead of congressional testimony into Cambridge Analytica scandal

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In particular, they will want to know more about the background to and the handling of the improper sharing with United Kingdom political consultancy Cambridge Analytica of data gathered by a third-party app.

On Monday, Facebook also agreed to supply proprietary data for a study on its role in elections and democracy, researchers announced.

Banks are obligated to keep track of potentially criminal activity, so it's not unreasonable for Facebook and other social media platforms to have similar obligations, Peters said. It claims that "Facebook has you labeled as either Very liberal, liberal, moderate, conservative or very conservative", and says you can see which.

The company's founder and CEO will appear before a joint hearing.

As of 3:30 p.m.

It's the first time that Facebook has admitted to the scale of the data scandal that has engulfed the tech giant over the last week. That would add up to billions or trillions of dollars if multiplied by some or all of the 87 million users whose data was mishandled.

The Honest Ads Act, for instance, aims to address concerns about foreign nationals covertly purchasing ads on social media to influence American politics. Zuckerberg also details corrective measures, both those previously announced in the aftermath of news reports about the massive transfer of private data, as well as newer revisions to Facebook's platform and policies.

"Everything is data-driven today", he said. She said by the end of the week, all users should receive a notice and users may see it on their desktop or cell phone. The data was then reportedly used by Cambridge Analytica to influence the result of the 2016 U.S. presidential election, along with other major events.

Facebook Inc FB.O Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg met US lawmakers individually on Monday and told Congress in written testimony that the social media network should have done more to prevent itself and its members' data being misused. The testimony to the Congress lawmakers is hence supposed to repose confidence in Facebook as well as fix Zuckerberg's personal reputation as he is the face of Facebook.

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"I am interested to learn what Mr. Zuckerberg says in testimony to Congress this week", said U.S. Rep. John Faso, R-19.

"I just met one-on-one with Zuckerberg and in no uncertain terms reminded him that Facebook has a responsibility to its users to protect our personal data. And if we find that someone is improperly using data, we'll ban them and tell everyone affected". An app can ask for access to anything in your profile - and can declare some of that information "required" - and you have to decide if you trust it with that data and if you trust the developer to delete your information should you later remove the app.

Vladeck says Facebook should have recognized years ago that an ordinary user would not expect, when they signed up for an app, that they were opening the door for a third party to reap all their friends' data.

You could make the argument that he is a brilliant mind and that nobody knows the company better than the 33-year-old, which puts him in the best place to fix the problems.

The 87 million users who might have had their data shared with Cambridge Analytica will get a detailed message on their news feeds.

In many ways, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are like the wild west.

According to CNBC, CubeYou labeled its quizzes "for non-profit academic research" then shared user information with marketers. The real customers are the advertisers, or the firms that use that data.

University of Waikato digital business senior lecturer Gohar Khan said the saying "if you are not paying for a service, then you are the product", rang true for Facebook's business model.