Abortion referendum to test hearts and minds in a changed Ireland

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Seventeen percent said they are undecided.

As a result some women resort to unsafe methods. She'd developed sepsis after being denied an abortion, even though she was miscarrying. A spokeswoman for the LoveBoth campaign group, Geraldine Martin, says Ireland's health minister should give more financial support to women who might end a pregnancy because they can not afford to raise a child.

"And they said that they voted for the eighth amendment, which I kind of guessed, I suppose", she says. This would allow relatively free abortions, subject to consultation with a doctor.

"The treatment of women outside marriage in Ireland over decades was really brutal", says Ursula Barry, a sociology professor at University College Dublin.

‪Abortion is already a reality in Ireland. Having an illegal abortion is punishable by up to 14 years in prison, and several thousand Irish women travel each year to get abortions in neighboring Britain.

The outcome signaled the end of an era in which thousands of women each year had been forced either to travel overseas or to buy pills illegally online to terminate their pregnancies, risking a 14-year jail sentence.

What is the Eighth Amendment? .

But we have encountered a contradiction: our Constitution and traditional culture champion the right to life of the unborn, but we have found that actually mourning the unborn is still taboo.

"I'm confident that the Irish people will reject this extreme proposal, and force the government to come up with a better plan than abortion for healthy mothers with healthy babies", Katie Ascough, 21, a Love Both campaign spokeswoman, told AFP. Our #hometovote drive has been hugely successful.

If you're Irish, on the electoral register and have been living away for less than 18 months, then please come home and say Yes.

Canny could not afford a ticket home, so her grandmother organized a collection from friends and family.

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Under the new law, women who are more than 12 weeks pregnant would be permitted to have an abortion if their lives or health were at risk.

The British government said in June 2017 it will fund abortions in England for women arriving from Northern Ireland.

Ahead of the vote, thousands of people living overseas are returning home to Ireland to mark their ballots.

Although Irish citizens who have lived outside of Ireland for more than 18 months can not vote, an estimated 40,000 of the 750,000 Irish nationals living overseas are still eligible.

Our right to autonomy, freedom and basic health can not continue to be dictated by others, particularly not those people who will never know the monumental impact that pregnancy, childbirth and parenting has on a person's life. But it isn't the right choice for everyone in that situation - other parents, acting out of a honest love and concern for their child, might make a very different decision.

There has been much confusion and misinformation leading up to this Referendum and it is vital that people are aware of the facts: The Amendment prevents elective abortions and does not prevent doctors from providing any necessary medical care to the mother during pregnancy, should the need arise.

In the United States abortion was legalised nationwide in 1973, but has been under pressure since Donald Trump became president, with some Republicans seeking restrictions.

The referendum is about the introduction of abortion on demand up to three months of pregnancy - when the unborn baby is fully formed and its heart is beating. "Every time an unborn child has his or her life ended in Ireland, we will oppose that, and make our voices known". "We all have a right to life", Ms Maynes said.

The unborn life either has value or it does not and May 25th is our chance to have a say in a defining moment for our country. Women's bodies - and it is mostly women who become pregnant, and certainly the reproductive servitude of women that's being vigorously enforced by anti-choice legislation - don't exist merely to ferry other humans into the world.

Also, it's hard to take seriously the claim that "men protect lives" in a country whose formally recognised religion has been responsible for covering up the widespread sexual abuse of children by - you guessed it! - the male clergy!

Irish-born Shauna Stanley lives in Melbourne and is ineligible to vote, but still wanted to contribute to the outcome. During the final week of the campaign, Hot Press is bringing you Home for Yes, a series of interviews with Irish emigrants scattered around the globe, who are returning to their native soil to Vote Yes.