Google Assistant offers six new voices, can make appointments for you

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His voice will chime in to surprise the Google Assistant users. But how does that matter to Indian users?

Google just wrapped it's 2018 I/O keynote on Tuesday and announced a host of new developments. These suggestions are based on the context and usage history. The feature will roll out to users next month. The app will also convert photos to PDFs and automatically add color to black-and-white photos or make part of a color photo black and white.

One of the most convenient features that is coming soon is a new option in Gmail that uses machine learning to predict entire phrases that users are typing.

To make the system's speech sound more human, Google has programmed the AI to add in lifelike conversation fillers such as "ums" and "ahhs", the tech news site adds. Over at the I/O conference, the tech giant's CEO Sundar Pichai showed off the latest Google Assistant features, as well as, played clips of the new voices. By the end of 2018, Google Assistant will be available in 80 countries and will support 30 languages. A demonstration on the stage showed The Jimmy Kimmel live show on YouTube TV as an example of what Google offers that Amazon can't.

If you're an avid Google Maps user, as accurate as the app is, it can be a challenge sometimes to follow the directions. So, one can give direct commands after an initial wake command. We're talking believable inflection, natural pauses, and even linguistic fillers, such as um, ah, and the like. Don't forget to let us know in the comments if you can test out this new Assistant voices.

"Allowing people to interact with technology as naturally as they interact with each other has been a long-standing promise", says Google head of engineering Yossi Matias.

Google Duplex is still very much an early experiment so its deployment depends entirely on how successful its trial runs are and how people respond to it. Soon, though, Google Assistant could be calling businesses on your behalf and setting up appointments. Recently, the search engine company unveiled a capability that basically allowed its smart assistant to book appointments via audio calls that nearly seamlessly emulated the way humans speak.

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Pichai didn't emphasize the privacy and data security concerns that have put companies like Facebook, Twitter and Google in the crosshairs of regulators.

These new AR features in Maps are a part of Google's efforts into something called Lens that was introduced a year ago in Google Photos and the Assistant. This will eventually learn what kind of news you prefer and display content pertaining to your preferences. You can accept the completion by hitting the tab key.

It also has a "For You" section with a mix of global headlines and local news personalized based on user location, stories you've been following.

A couple of useful features have also come with Google Maps.

A feature is being introduced, which will limit the screen time for specific apps of your choosing. Here's how to enable them!

An enhanced Do Not Disturb mode will stop visual notifications, audio notifications, and vibrations.

The rub, per usual with the Googleplex, is when can we reasonably expect to see this new marvel of A.I. technology.