Google, Facebook Sued For US$ 88. Billion

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"We continue to identify technical compliance solutions that will provide all readers with our award-winning journalism".

A Tronc spokeswoman was not immediately available to comment Friday.

As a result of the regulation, several United States news outlets were temporarily unavailable in Europe, reported BBC. CNN and New York Times were not affected.

Some companies are also adding new privacy features that are worth checking out. The regulations will impact all the sectors of the economy, including banking and finance that collect and use user data. The law allows the European Union residents to request data kept on them and adds restrictions to how companies keep data on them.

Through its new rules and standards, the GDPR encourages organizations to rethink existing data management policies and invest in state-of-the-art security for data protection.

Why do USA companies have to comply with those rules, too?

One of the aspects of the GDPR that these suits will help to set precedent for comes with regard to the legal bases claimed as justification for the processing.

Europe's new privacy measures allow people to limit the information they leave behind when browsing social media, reading the news or shopping online.

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At the very least, those GDPR emails clogging your inbox are a useful reminder of all the websites and apps you signed up for years ago and then forgot about.

Organizations need to obtain active consent from individuals before collecting data in many circumstances and are obligated to report data security breaches to authorities within 72 hours.

Julia Shullman, the chief privacy counsel for the digital advertising firm AppNexus, said an "unintended consequence" of GDPR was that Google would become more powerful.

Depending on the European Union countries, there is generally also more public backing here than in the United States for the sort of expansive regulations that took effect Friday - at least as long as they don't turn the Internet into a bureaucratic nightmare.

Under the commission's plans, financial institutions such as banks and insurance companies as well as listed firms with paid-in capital of NT$10 billion (US$333.95 million) or more are required to establish corporate governance posts as of next year.

"At least in the short term, it pushes publishers to these large platforms that dominate the market already", Shullman said in an interview.

Europe's GDPR laws came into effect on May 25th, 2018 and within one day of enforcement, tech giants Google and Facebook were hit with multi-billion dollar lawsuits over coercing users into sharing personal data.

However, the complaint does acknowledge the fact that doing away with forced consent doesn't mean companies can no longer use customer data - GDPR allows data collection that's absolutely necessary for the service, just that data collected exclusively for advertisement or other commercial purposes needs users' explicit consent. This, coupled with a general increased awareness of data privacy rights, will mean that consumers are likely to expect companies to show greater regard for data privacy and protection.