Israel damages "almost all" Iran's bases in Syria: defense minister

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Syrian state media said Israel struck a military outpost yesterday near the capital of Damascus.

Tensions have been escalating between Israel and Iran in recent months.

President Donald Trump's announcement Tuesday that the USA would withdraw from the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran has triggered uncertainty and threatened to spark more unrest in the Middle East. "The Al Quds force has paid a high price (for its bombardment of Golan), Iranians will take a long time to recover", said General Rums Manelis, head of Israeli military Information office. In Syria, where the USA has sought, in collaboration with Islamist "rebels", to overthrow the pro-Iranian Assad regime for over seven years, killing hundreds of thousands of Syrians in the process, American forces are focused on thwarting attempts by Iran to open up a land bridge from Tehran to Damascus.

Syrian state press said heaps of Israeli missile strikes hit on a radar channel, forbidding air defense places and also an ammunition dump, underscoring the risks of the broader escalation involving Iran and its own regional allies.

"Israel has been saying in the past that the Syrian government is paving the way for Iran and Hezbollah [a Lebanese Shia militia] to maintain strong military presence in the [occupied] Golan Heights not far from the border with Israel".

In the nuclear field, Russian Federation has already built one reactor at Iran's Bushehr plant, the country's only nuclear power plant, and has started work on two new ones. Israel regards Iran as its biggest threat, also has repeatedly geared naval forces and allied militia from Syria.

Ahelbarra said that any confrontation between Israel and Iran could trigger a reaction from Hezbollah [that backs President Assad].

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These are the opening skirmishes in what could develop into a brutal war that may sweep across Israel, Lebanon and Syria.

With the war winding down and the group able to refocus on its longtime foe, Israel, the border between the two countries may again heat up.

The war in Yemen, widely seen as a proxy battle between Saudi Arabia and Iran, is another theater Tehran could exploit to inflict pain on its enemies. The United Nations considers it Israeli-occupied Syrian territory.

There had been no comment from Iranian officials.

The strikes caused the deaths of 15 people, including at least seven Iranian military personnel stationed in the country to support the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Trump's withdrawal from the nuclear deal has added to tensions and led to a new level of uncertainty over how Iran will respond.

"They have to understand: if you give us rain, you will get a flood".