Kim Jong Un releasing American detainees, Giuliani says

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KELLY: Now, when I said President Trump was hinting that these three are about to be released, we learned about that via a presidential tweet.

UPDATE, 3:05 p.m. Eastern Time: Speaking with reporters on Thursday afternoon, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders reaffirmed that Giuliani, a member of Trump's legal team, had no authority to speak about sensitive state issues, including the topic of an expected North Korean prisoner release. "Stay tuned!" he posted Wednesday evening.

In 2000, President Kim Dae-jung, the initiator of the Sunshine Policy, flew to Pyongyang to meet with Kim Jong-il, ushering in a period of détente that seemed to promise an end to hostilities on the peninsula.

"We got Kim Jong-un impressed enough to be releasing three prisoners today", Rudy Giuliani told Fox News.

This came after Kim met Chinese President Xi Jinping during his visit to Beijing in March.

The release of American student Otto Warmbier previous year was secured after Joseph Yun, the State Department's then-special representative for North Korea policy, made a secret trip to Pyongyang. Kim Dong Chul has been in North Korean custody since 2015.

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That same day, the Financial Times reported that the men had been released from the labor camps where they had been held since their arrests.

The dish, prepared by a North Korean chef from Okryugwan restaurant on a special machine brought from Pyongyang, was served at the banquet following Friday's Inter-Korea Summit in Panmunjom.

"The welfare and safety of US citizens overseas is one of the highest priorities of the Department of State". It's possible Kim thinks he's put North Korea in its best-ever negotiating position and is willing to strike a deal.

A fourth American detainee, Otto Warmbier, died in June 2017 - just days after he was repatriated to the USA with severe brain damage.

Sol Kim, the son of detainee Tony Kim, said on social media that he is optimistic but has no information. Both worked at the Pyongyang University of Science and Technology (PUST) which bills itself as the only privately run university in the North Korean capital.

Both the United States president and North Korean leader have changed their tone and tact since their fiery rhetoric escalated a year ago sparking global concern over the start of World War Three. Choi Soung-yong, the activist, told Reuters that Kim Hak-song, Tony Kim and Kim Dong-chul were moved in early April following instructions from superior authorities, citing residents in Pyongyang. Ashley Thompson was the editor. What we know for sure: Only the complete scuttling of the North's nuclear and ballistic missile capacities, including a regimen of worldwide inspections, will defang this unsafe adversary. Write to us in the Comments section, and visit our Facebook page.