Mexico immigration center filled to full capacity by asylum seekers

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Mr Trump attempted to pressurise Mexico to stop the migrants before they reached the border, saying it threatened the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) which is being renegotiated in Washington. Migrants trying to get into the U.S. may need to wait in Mexico as officials process those already in the facility, officials said.

"When they say they reached capacity, it's just nonsense from (U.S. authorities) so they can abandon, not attend to, and evade their responsibilities in asylum cases", said Mujica, of the advocacy group Pueblos Sin Fronteras.

He then assured that once space opens up and "resources become available" officers "will be able to take additional individuals into the port for processing".

U.S. Customs and Border Protection was said to be limiting the number of asylum seekers.

Administration officials have railed against what they call America's "catch and release" policies that allow people requesting asylum to be released from custody into the US while their claims make their way through the courts, a process that can last a year.

"There are people who think I just woke up and said, 'Oh, I want to just go to the United States.' It's not that easy", she said. "It's unclear why the American government, which is the most powerful governments in the world, did not have sufficient time to prepare for the arrival of refugees".

"We can build a base in Iraq in under a week. I don't believe it", Nicole Ramos, a lawyer who provides legal assistance to caravan members, told a news conference. Or that they're trying to enter the U.S. illegally.

Why is a caravan of migrants headed to the US border?

The Trump administration has been tracking the caravan since it started in Mexico on March 25 near the Guatemala border.

The vast majority of emigrants that make up the caravan come from violence-ravaged Honduras.

Another CBP spokesman, Ralph DeSio, clarified that the port was at capacity for Sunday, but that the migrants could try again Monday.

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People gather on both sides of the border as remnants of the caravan from Central America arrive.

The migrant caravan, a yearly tradition that earlier this month drew the ire of President Donald Trump, arrived in Tijuana late last week.

"A lot of them get detained, some of them not, that's the next step, it's case by case", Alor Calderon, Director of Employer Rights Center said.

While Texas, New Mexico and Arizona fully embraced the President's memorandum, California Gov. "That's not a violation of immigration law".

"We don't have borders", he said.

Almost a dozen people suspected of traveling through Mexico to the USA border as part of the immigrant "caravan" from Central America are now facing new complaints for immigration-related violations, including entering the US illegally.

The group vowed in a statement that the 1,500 men, women and children who have at times joined the long journey were seeking peace and "fighting for a safe and dignified life". Some of the younger and more athletic had climbed the Border Fence and defiantly sat atop it. It isn't clear how many of them were part of the caravan group or inspired supporters. "If you enter the United States at any place other than a Port of Entry it is a crime". Another 300 migrants traveling with the group plan to remain in Mexico.

Central American migrants traveling with a caravan gather at the border wall, some sitting on top of it, look toward the US from Mexico during a gathering of migrants living on both sides of the border, on the beach where the border wall ends in the ocean, in Tijuana, Mexico, Sunday, April 29, 2018.

"As a father myself, I find it unconscionable that anyone would expose a child to these unsafe conditions, especially when there is a legitimate Port of Entry within a few miles of these risky canyons", Scott stated.

Another 50 or so camped on blankets and backpacks in Tijuana outside the Mexican side of the crossing, prohibited from even getting close to the USA inspection building.

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielson warned any false asylum seeker claims would face prosecution, as could anyone who assists the migrants in doing so.