Police offer praise to Wisconsin high school for 'best senior prank'

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Seniors at a Wisconsin high school pulled off what police are calling one of the best senior pranks they've ever seen.

They used a junk auto that had been cut in half, bricks and tape to mock up the scene and a black tarp to make it look like the vehicle had smashed into the school.

Konur Pasko, one of the students involved in pulling off the prank, said the idea grew from an evening talk with his dad, Jon Pasko, the technology education teacher in Cumberland schools.

That's what appears to be sticking out from the building.

The seniors at Cumberland High School used tape and a tarp to create a "black hole" on the side of their school building, then stuck half of an old vehicle against the wall and scattered loose bricks around the scene. "You had everyone a little nervous this morning!"

That's what happened to seniors at Cumberland High School in Wisconsin.

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The department posted photos of the car-based illusion to their Facebook page on Monday.

"In eight minutes they created this fake crash scene".

The district also notified the parents of the two students, he said.

The prank did not cause any damage to the school property.

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Perhaps this no-harm-done prank approach will inspire other high schoolers around the country in their own end-of-year antics.