Senators Force A Vote That May Ultimately Reverse FCC, Restore Net Neutrality

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One after another, 15 Democratic senators - almost a third of their caucus - stepped to a microphone on Capitol Hill on Wednesday to call for tough rules to protect net neutrality. Ed Markey, D-Mass., filed a petition Wednesday to force a vote under the Congressional Review Act, a rule allowing Congress to overturn recent rules from government agencies.

Net neutrality rules were enacted under the Obama administration to level the playing field and prohibit Internet providers from slowing down or blocking certain websites and applications.

A full floor vote in the Senate on the net neutrality CRA must happen before June 12.

Whether or not they will be successful remains to be seen, because according to reports, the Democrats have enough signatures to call for a vote. The audio is below.

Parallel to Markey's efforts in Congress, 22 states sued the FCC in January to reinstate net neutrality via the courts.

Then it needs to pass the U.S. House of Representatives, and get signed into law by Trump.

"The end of net neutrality would be a disaster four our country and the free flow of ideas".

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Evan Greer, deputy director at Fight for the Future, a nonprofit that has advocated for an open internet since 2011, told Courthouse News this week that the prospect of achieving the simple majority in the House is "doable". ISPs, they note, have invested a lot of money in building high-speed communications networks that deliver the internet to our homes and businesses.

"Now, on June 11, these unnecessary and harmful internet regulations will be repealed and the bipartisan, light-touch approach that served the online world well for almost 20 years will be restored", Ajit Pai, chairman of the FCC, said in a statement Thursday.

That's because getting rid of net neutrality is really, really bad.

If the vote passes in favor of net neutrality, the FCC's decision to eliminate the regulations could be rolled back.

In support of the resolution, sites like Reddit has rolled out an "orangered alert" banner urging users to contact their senators to support the resolution which could set the stage for a full-scale restoration of net neutrality. The rules promoted billions of dollars in investment in both broadband deployment and new innovative services, and the court upheld them as legally sound twice.

Luckily, however, and despite the FCC's December ruling, net neutrality can still be preserved. FCC Chairman Ajit Pai argued that the rules should be removed because the FCC had overstepped its authority by imposing the restrictions on telecoms in the first place.