Truck overturns on Poland highway spilling tons of chocolate

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It is noted that the incident occurred between Warsaw and Poznan on A2 highway.

Drivers were faced with an almighty but tasty mess on a highway in Poland after a lorry spilled tonnes of chocolate when it overturned.

According to the manufacturer, spilled chocolate is more hard to remove than oil and needs to be shifted gradually using pressurized hot water.

The truck driver broke his arm in the crash, but nobody else was hurt. The liquid chocolate began to harden which made cleaning up more hard, said the local authorities.

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It is not immediately clear what caused the truck to overturn.

Bogdan Kowalski of the Slupca Fire Department said, "We contacted the chocolate producer". Then firefighters will focus on blasting the quickly drying chocolate with hot water to hopefully melt and wash it away. In the end, the clean up took several hours, with the road blocked until 5pm.

Kukawka added that the stretch of highway rarely sees road accidents, and that the unfortunate chocolate spillage was definitely a first.