E3 2018: Are the Avengers in Spider-Man for PS4?

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Granted, since this is a sequel and if you're like me and still haven't gotten around to playing the first The Last Of Us, there will be some minor spoilers inherent in the gameplay, but nothing too insane. In addition to the trailer for the new Spider-Man game, the company also showed off some other high profile titles. Our main character Jin went on something of a rescue mission, riding his horse across picturesque fields as the Mongols encroach on feudal Japan. Due to its fantastic gameplay and wonderful mechanics, it seems the game will provide us with many thrills and excitement.

- From Software, the makers of "Dark Souls", surprised everyone at Sony's E3 press conference with. a virtual reality game, specifically for PlayStation VR, called "Déraciné".

We also see another of the game's side missions, in which you have to find and destroy three bombs planted by Taskmaster as quickly as possible.

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Fox said: "We're excited to finally be able to talk about the game and look forward to sharing more in the coming months". Electro was the cause of all the commotion, releasing loads of criminals that attacked Spidey for some very Batman: Arkham-esque combat. Last year's gameplay trailer was one of the highlights of the show. The footage introduced to the game four classic villains: Rhino, Vulture, Scorpion and Electro, in addition to the already announced Mister Negative.

Could this mean the Avengers in all their glory could in fact be in the new Spider-Man game?

- A new game called "Control" looks like it gives you super powers - and it's made by the same studio behind "Max Payne" and "Quantum Break", so expect lots of beautiful-looking, heart-pounding action.