Here Are The Latest Details Revealed About Anthony Bourdain's Death

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Hotel Le Chambard, where celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain was found dead last week.

Argento, 42, asked that her privacy and that of Bourdain's grieving family be respected. "Money beyond his wildest dreams", she said.

Ripert, who was in France to film an upcoming episode of Parts Unknown with Bourdain, told Gladys that "Tony had been in a dark mood" in the days leading up to his death.

Bourdain had been in France working on an upcoming episode of his award-winning CNN series, Parts Unknown. The book expanded on a 1999 New Yorker article that he had sent to The New Yorker about the underbelly of the restaurant world and its deceptions. "I plan to get a Du Kefeng tattoo, in the original Mandarin, as soon as possible".

Former US president Barack Obama also took to Twitter and posted a throwback picture with the chef.

Mr Obama wrote: "He taught us about food - but more importantly, about its ability to bring us together". Anthony was in the city while filming for his CNN show, Parts Unknown.

Bourdain had also previously been open about his past struggles with drugs and spoke of being a recovering heroin addict.

Inside the restaurant, as hungry customers poured in for lunch today, diners gave extra attention to the glass box in which the table and chairs used by Bourdain and Obama are preserved.

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Rather than celebrating the latest overpriced culinary fads that remain the exclusive purview of the global elite, he seemed more happy in his television shows to muse over a bowl of spicy noodles, home-cooked fare or grilled street meats after a night out on the town in one destination or another.

"I am proud and honoured to know you".

Via a posting on Instagram, Chef Wan, who was Bourdain's guest on the show, said he worked hard to crack up the American, whom he thought was the archetypal serious chef figure.

"I will not waste anybody's time with expressions of shock, surprise, or personal upset, beyond saying that I am ashamed that I was clearly not the kind of person that women friends who knew - and had stories to tell - felt comfortable confiding in", Bourdain wrote in a piece for Medium.

Wang says it wasn't until eight years later that he was able to tell Bourdain how much he helped Xi'an Famous Foods with his visit there. I really can't talk about him.He was brilliant and sharp and amusing. "And once you were drawn in, it was about the experience, it was about the connection, it was about his interaction - his interactions with people".

Anthony Bourdain spent about 250 days per year on the road travelling.

Chef Wan said he was blessed at having the opportunity to have met Bourdain and thanked him for sharing his culinary talent with the world.