Iran tells United Nations it will hike uranium enrichment capacity

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It's been more than a month since President Trump officially ended the Iran nuclear agreement and the unsafe Iranian regime has been ramping up hostilities against the United States and Israel ever since.

The ministers' comments come a day after Ayatollah Khamenei announced that Iran would inform the United Nations nuclear watchdog that preparations for increasing uranium enrichment capacity would begin on Tuesday.

"The Atomic Energy Organization of Iran is duty-bound to prepare the ground for achieving 190 thousand SWUs", Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei was quoted saying by Iranian state media, referring to a measure of uranium enrichment capacity.

Mr Khamenei's warning comes almost a month after American President Donald Trump announced Washington's decision to unilaterally withdraw from the landmark nuclear accord.

The agreement set strict limits on Iran's uranium enrichment - a critical component for both civil nuclear power generation and military nuclear weapons - in return for the lifting of United States and global sanctions.

Iran's announcement that it is getting ready to expand production of uranium hexafluoride is significant since this is the primary feedstock that goes into the centrifuges that spin to enrich uranium.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has also commented on the matter, pledging not to let Iran obtain nuclear weapons.

Katz addressed Tehran's threat to restart uranium enrichment at an "industrial level" if the 2015 pact falls apart.

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The deal allows Iran to continue 3.67% uranium enrichment, far below the roughly 90% threshold of weapons-grade.

Khamenei spoke almost a month after President Donald Trump announced the United States was pulling out of the landmark Iran nuclear deal.

Late last month, the supreme leader outlined Iran's demands for it to stay in the nuclear deal. They have called for a street protest on Tuesday in front of the exhibition site to denounce Israel's "war crimes".

Katz noted that many worldwide companies from France, England, Germany, Russia and other countries have already announced their intention to suspend their activity in Iran "because they don't want to be subject to the American sanctions".

Israel took aim at Iran on Monday with a popular "Mean Girls" meme. The JCPOA allows Iran to pursue a peaceful nuclear program for commercial, medical and industrial purposes in line with global non-proliferation standards.

But the European Union believes the existing Iran nuclear deal is effective and has largely curtailed the Islamic country's nuclear activities.

Major global companies are already beginning to distance themselves from Iran in fear of U.S. sanctions. "Fortunately, we are not alone", he said.