Israeli troops kill four Palestinians as Gaza protest resumes

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Israeli troops killed three Palestinians, including a 15-year-old boy, after opening fire on protests at the Gaza Strip border on Friday as protesters continued demonstrations for the 11th consecutive Friday against Israel's decades-long occupation and decade-long blockade of their territory.

"The Israeli violations against the Palestinian people ring the bell of danger through campaigns of settlement expansion and seizing Palestinian lands", Saeed Abu Ali, AL assistant secretary general for the occupied Palestinian and Arab lands, said in a statement, Xinhua reported on Tuesday.

The Israeli army said that it had repelled around 10,000 Palestinians who converged on five points of the border.

At the same time, Israel has faced fierce criticism over its use of lethal force against Palestinian protesters on the Gaza Strip border with the Jewish state.

Organisers in Gaza said that the protests will continue in the coming days and weeks.

Israeli troops fired volleys of tear gas, including from drones, that sent protesters running for cover.

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It has accused Gaza's rulers Hamas of manipulating the protests to hide the infiltration of militants planning attacks. Hamas leaders have threatened possible mass border breaches, raising concerns in Israel that communities near Gaza might be at risk. Iran does not recognize Israel and supports militant groups, including Hamas, the smaller Palestinian group Islamic Jihad and the Lebanese Hezbollah militia. Growing despair in Gaza over blockade-linked hardships, including daily power cuts and rising poverty, have driven turnout.

Jerusalem Day began after the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran, when the Ayatollah Khomeini declared the last Friday of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan a day to demonstrate the importance of Jerusalem to Muslims. The day is known in Arabic as "Al Quds Day", a reference to the city's historic Arabic name.

"Everyone told them not to do it", said a diplomat on condition of anonymity, arguing the resolution could be counterproductive if it doesn't receive at least as many votes as the one obtained in December on Jerusalem.

The Palestinians accused Israel of moving the match to Jerusalem to underpin Israel's claim to the city and insist they would have had no issue if it had been played in Haifa.

Other placards being carried by participants read "Al-Quds, Capital of Palestine", which is in condemnation of Israel's recent relocation of its capital to Jerusalem al-Quds followed by the opening of the U.S. embassy there, despite global warnings that the move may trigger a fresh wave of violence in the Middle East. The compound sits on the ruins of biblical temples and is revered as the holiest site of Judaism.

"Israel can never feel that it is in a safe place", Mr Rouhani told reporters in Tehran on Quds Day, or Jerusalem Day.