Japanese World Cup Fans Clean Up The Stadium After Winning Against Colombia

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While Senegal beat Poland 2-1, Egypt and Morocco could be eliminated inside the first week, while Nigeria and Tunisia lost their opening encounters.

It's also noted Japan supporters carried out a similar job following their participation in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

Sanchez, described as "one of Colombia's most important players" by national team manager Jose Pekerman, struck out a hand to block Shinji Kagawa's effort on the line and subsequently received the second fastest red card in World Cup history.

After all, Senegal secured an unlikely 2-1 victory over Poland shortly after Japan toppled Colombia by the same score in two separate Group H matches on Tuesday.

Despite being the first Asian team to defeat a South American side, the supporters of the blue samurai did not go overboard.

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Fans of both Senegal and Japan would've been expected to celebrate their nations' wins at the 2018 FIFA World Cup by pouring out onto the streets in celebration.

They played an exciting, fast-paced brand of football, and a number of fans fell in love with them from the first whistle.

If more participating countries adopt this habit, all the 15,000 volunteers who're working on the 2018 World Cup will have much lesser work to do.

Do you think Senegal are the best African team at the World Cup? "That period was like, "yes, it's coming".

"It is good to see there is a black coach but, beyond football, it shows we have quality coaches. We fully trust our football, we have no hang-ups", Cisse added. "We face realities that are not there in other continents", he said, referring to infrastructure, budget and organisational problems.