Luis Suarez announces wife's pregnancy after Uruguay secure World Cup progression

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This match of Group A in the Steve Arena is very important for both the teams.

When is World Cup 2018 Uruguay vs Saudi Arabia match? They will face the challenge of Suarez who wants to make this World Cup a memorable tournament for himself.

The last two World Cups have seen Luis Suarez exit in ignominy, with a illegal "save" incident against Ghana in 2010 and biting Italy's Giorgio Chiellini in 2014. A pair of goals were acknowledged in stoppage time, making the scoreline more asymmetrical, but they left Juan Antonio Pizzi-led national football club with a road to run against Luis Suarez, Edinson Cavani and the rest of the Uruguay squad. The Uruguayan, who was fiercely criticized for his shortcomings in their opening match in the FIFA World Cup, silenced his critics by scoring the opening goal for the Los Charrúas in the 23rd minute of the game from a close range.

Luis Suarez got lucky with an easy chance just three yards away from the goal, goalkeeper Al Owais made a awful mistake of coming out and a Suarez easy tap remained unmarked in a gifted corner.

Uruguay have won all three of their previous World Cup games against the Asian Countries.

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The FIFA World Cup 2018 Uruguay v/s Saudia Arabia match begins at 8.30 pm (IST). However they had knocked out by Sweden in the round of 16 at that time.

The team of Uruguay the minimum coped with Saudi Arabia and had booked a place in the 1/8 finals of the world Cup.

Saudi Arabia initially showed far greater defensive resilience following their 5-0 defeat in the match against Russian Federation.

They looked to build possession against Russian Federation but lacked the technical ability to do so, and they frequently left themselves open at the back after giving the ball away with a misplaced or miscontrolled pass.