Summit removed N Korea nuclear threat, says Trump

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In Washington on Wednesday, Trump, back from his first encounter with Kim, hailed the Singapore summit as a major win, declaring the DPRK no longer poses a nuclear threat. Pompeo returns late Thursday to the U.S. The two sides partially restored the military line on the west coast this year, but the one on the east coast has remained blocked since May 2011.

"You don't just shut them on and off like a water faucet", he said.

Democrats raised concerns about the lack of specifics on the U.S.

As well as abuses at home, Kim is also suspected of ordering the assassination of his brother at a Malaysian airport previous year. She also at one point called them the "two supreme leaders" of their countries. The next major exercise with South Korea is known as Ulchi Freedom Guardian; last year's version was held for 11 days in August and involved about 17,500 US troops. I think that's exactly what the North Koreans are hoping to do. -South Korea war games as it is inappropriate to stage such "provocative" drills in the dialogue period. The Pentagon has said Mattis was consulted, but has not offered clarification on what will be canceled.

Democratic critics in the U.S. said the agreement was short on detail and that Trump had made too many concessions to Kim without getting anything concrete in return. But the whole business of "denuclearization" is a misnomer because they want us to withdraw our nuclear forces from the region, B-52s, B-1 bombers from Guam, and Trident nuclear submarines, all of that has to presumably be reoriented away from the Korean Peninsula. In the past, some estimates for smaller exercises have been about $2 million, while some larger ones have cost $15 million or more - all relatively minor expenses for a department with a budget now exceeding $700 billion.

Harris said it is still in the U.S.'s national security interests to keep THAAD in South Korea to defend against North Korean tactical missile threats.

Harris was a vocal supporter of joint miliary exercises when he was in uniform, calling them essential for US readiness and an important signal to Pyongyang that the United States would defend both itself and its ally Seoul.

"We will provide additional information when it is available", Logan said.

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"I think the president blindsided everyone including South Korea when he carelessly conceded to Kim Jong Un this week something North Korea has long wanted - the cessation of South Korean joint military exercises [with the U.S.] in exchange for, well, apparently nothing", Menendez said.

The youthful North Korean leader has never visited Russia, unlike his father, Kim Jong-Il, who travelled to the country in his armoured train in 2011 for talks with Dmitry Medvedev, Russia's president at the time.

It is now clear that there is no deal with North Korea - at least not yet.

As ambassador, Harris said he would be wary of China's using the thaw with North Korea to press for the early lifting of sanctions against North Korea and the removal of the Army's THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) anti-missile system from South Korea.

"Making unnecessary and unreciprocated concessions is not in our interests - and it is a bad negotiating tactic", McCain said.

The post-summit transformation of North Korea's official version of Trump, who's now being shown by state media looking serious and nearly regal, underscores the carefully choreographed reality show the government has had to perform to keep its people, taught from childhood to hate and distrust the "American imperialists", ideologically on board with the tectonic shifts underway in their country's relationship with Washington.

The source said Trump suggested to Abe that negotiations on the abduction issue should be pursued along with those on North Korea's denuclearization and that Japan should have a key role.