Top 5 features of the iOS 12 unveiled on WWDC 2018

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The company updated the developer guidelines during the WWDC conference; and may open a way for other game developers to build similar game streaming apps for iOS.

As a quick refresher, Apple introduced new privacy tools within Safari that aims to reduce tracking across websites. Developers can use App Store Connect to monitor their latest trends, receive notification from user reviews, as well as respond to customer reviews immediately from their iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has rubbished reports which claim that the company had user data-sharing agreements with Facebook.

In a wide-ranging interview, Cook told CNN that issues around privacy have "gotten totally out of control" and that some form of regulation would be "fair". You should however keep in mind that if you're planning on using the better versions, there might be glitches and a data loss and therefore, you have to be careful about the version which you want to use. He said that the deal is merely for user-convenience and that they have never been in the data business.

In addition to being able to have up to 32 people in a group video chat, users will also have access to Apple's camera features such as Animoji, filters and sticker packs to make the group chat fun. The changes are not Apple's most expansive in the privacy space, simply an evolution.

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The newly unveiled updates also included limitations on "fingerprinting", ie how third-party tracking companies can monitor which devices are visiting their website via the browser, a move that will make it even more hard for advertisers to measure the reach of their online ads.

The new tools will be available with iOS 12 this fall (between September and December), said Apple.

Research has shown that 92% of U.S. teens go online daily, and 24% admit they're online "almost constantly". Apple's Safari browser will block tracking via "Likes" "Shares" in iOS 12 and macOS in order to protect user privacy and data.

With this improvement coming to millions of devices it certainly looks set to make older iPhones more user-friendly but Apple is also trying to make sure its customers are aware of just how long they are spending on their devices.