United States and South Korea Adjourned Joint Military Exercise

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"No decisions on subsequent war games have been made", Pentagon spokeswoman Dana White said in confirming the suspension.

"We consider the ongoing denuclearization negotiations with North Korea as crucial, so as long as those negotiations continue, the decision by the governments of South Korea and the United States will be maintained", said Choi.

The suspension will remain effective as long as North Korea stays at the table to discuss its denuclearization.

The decision on war games coincided with a surprise visit to Beijing by Kim, who had visited the Chinese capital in March on his first trip outside North Korea since taking power after the death of his father, Kim Jong-il, in December 2011.

"Suspending drills once is unsafe because it causes a hole in our national security".

The Pentagon said Monday that only the Freedom Guardian drill had been called off so far.

Ulchi Freedom Guardian is a two-week exercise that consists predominantly of computer-simulated defense drills.

The joint drills are purely defensive in nature, according to the allies.

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South Korea must import the vast bulk of its oil and gas. In past talks, North Korea had said it could consider giving up its arsenal if the United States removes its troops from South Korea and withdraws its so-called "nuclear umbrella" of deterrence from South Korea and Japan, a stance Washington has found unacceptable. It could also boost their medal chances."North Korea has strong female paddlers", Kim said. "I think what is left now is how completely and swiftly we implement such a wonderful agreement", he said.

In a joint statement afterwards the North committed to "work toward complete denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula", without making an explicit commitment to give up its weapons.

The US leader raised eyebrows by describing the exercises as "provocative" - a term used by the North.

"Trump has not many [negotiating] cards now", said Yang Uk of the Korea Defense and Security Forum.

The South Korean leader said the DPRK-U.S. summit was a "great success" that was greater than he had expected, and Pyongyang and Washington had made a grand historical achievement.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry welcomed the move, calling it "positive and constructive". Also participating were other nations that contributed forces during the 1950-53 Korean War, including Australia, Britain, Canada and Colombia. The exercise was scheduled for August and is among the major alliance exercises each year, along with the springtime Key Resolve/Foal Eagle exercises, that North Korea protests.

It's not the first time that the USA and South Korea have halted military drills in an attempt to ease tensions with North Korea and persuade it to give up its nuclear weapons. Athletes will form unified Korean teams for some of the games.