Funko and Epic Games Team Up to Create Fortnite Merchandise

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Though the figures, apparel, and more have not been shown, fans of Funko's merchandise know distorted proportions and cute aesthetics are in store.

Fortnite is available now on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.

Meanwhile, the battle royale genre continues to be the most popular for streaming, with viewers having watched almost 700 million hours - 83 percent of which were from Fortnite - of battle royale gaming in May.

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According to research by Super Data, Fortnite has made 1 billion Dollars through their battle royal mode's microtransactions. Ironically, its initial release into early access with Save the World was largely ignored, and it wasn't until Battle Royale was released that the game became an global phenomenon. The Battle Royal genre got extremely popular thanks to Bluehole's PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds and then Epic Games released their own free battle royal mode for Fortnite. Despite the game being free, Epic is raking in monumental amounts of cash from the microtransactions within the cartoon shooter.

"The process of getting Playground stable and in the hands of our players was tougher than we would have liked, but was a solid reminder that complex distributed systems fail in unpredictable ways", the news release states. A Victory Royale was worth five points and an elimination was worth one point with the victor of the Fortnite Summer Skirmish 500K solo tournament being determined by which player had the most points after their 10 matches. Until then, players will be able to play and watch the final Friday Fortnite tournament this Friday. "Video games are a great escape from whatever current situation they're in".

While this report covers Fortnite on all platforms, not just iOS, it's still illustrative of just how massive the game is at this point. Rather, the company plans to take the game servers down in the wee morning hours to perform scheduled maintenance.