Kevin Durant does not think he should be considered 'insecure'

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LAS VEGAS - Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant said Thursday that he has grown exhausted of people telling him what to do and how he should ignore criticism, and then portraying his reactions as those of an insecure or angry player.

Kevin Durant's level of savageness knows no bounds. "It's just one of those things".

Durant got a lot off his chest as he spoke with reporters for approximately 30 minutes after a vigorous workout at USA Basketball minicamp. "Bro, CJ... I will go have some wine with him in NY when he get back from China and take a picture if you all don't believe me". Just say it instead of make excuses.

McCollum: "You know how I felt, bruh, I was hot". So what's the problem if I got something to say?

Predictably, that didn't go over well with Durant, who lashed back.

"Me and C.J. are tight. But I'm going to still keep standing".

Just six days after Kevin Durant won his first National Basketball Association title - way back on June 18, 2017 - he spent a few afternoon hours on a lazy Sunday scrolling his phone, zinging back Twitter responses to all the randoms flooding his mentions.

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Durant made the appearance Wednesday on the Pull Up with C.J. McCollum podcast. "I think I was more mad when he did it". It's just going to fuel me to be better and better. Their feud continued on Twitter where McCollum called Durant's decision to leave the Oklahoma City Thunder to join the 73-win Warriors "soft".

And to officially end the conflict, Durant said this: "This is not East coast, West coast beef". U think that low of me CJ?

McCollum did point out that the Trail Blazers exceeded all expectations last season when they earned the No. 3 seed, but Durant still wasn't impressed. In between those lines, people aren't going to step in between them.

McCollum: "People thought I was playing, I for real texted Cuz and we talked, we hashed it out".

Past this response, they didn't interact anymore on Twitter. "People love drama, and it ain't got to be all that".

"Nobody likes a great thing", according to Durant. What do you mean why am I mad about this stuff? "I am insecure and all these [other labels]. everybody running with it". Like an 8 seed (laughing) you know I'm only saying this because you be shooting little shots at the Warriors and at me all the time, so this is my time to throw a little jab at you. But that goes for everybody around here.

McCollum: "I can be upset because Cuz was a free agent, which means he could've - this is also why I was upset - he could've came to Portland". I just talk, I say how I feel.