KIM SPEAKS: Kim Jong Un Praises 'EXTRAORDINARY' Trump in New Letter

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Kim made that commitment when he met Mr Trump in Singapore last month.

Trump's sharing of the letter this week is likely his attempt to contradict a narrative from confrontational media outlets claiming negotiations with North Korea have failed.

South Korean news agency Yonhap and JoongAng Ilbo suggest the North Koreans did not attend the meeting because the American representatives were civilian government members, not soldiers. "We will be ready", she said in a statement.

"Like the more central issue of denuclearization", the North "will not give away leverage over the remains without obtaining something of value in return", Mark Fitzpatrick, a veteran arms control expert with the International Institute for Strategic Studies and Alana Vogel, also of the think tank, wrote on its blog Friday.

North Korean and United States military officials met at the inter-Korea border Sunday to discuss repatriation of the remains of American troops killed during the Korean War, a report said.

What was in Kim's letter?

Here's the note Kim Jong Un has sent to Trump, which the President tweeted on Thursday morning.

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Other companies have said they are still assessing the situation and examining all possible risks. Velayati also said that USA sanctions against Iran could raise oil prices and harm oil consumers.

"I firmly believe that the strong will, honest efforts and unique approach of myself and Your Excellency Mr. President aimed at opening up a new future between the DPRK (Democratic People's Republic of Korea - the country's official name) and the U.S. will surely come to fruition", Kim wrote.

Kim refers to Trump as "your excellency" five times, praises the "improvement of relations" between the US and North Korea, and expresses hope for a new future. He did not elaborate.

In another apparent setback, the U.S. accused Pyongyang of violating sanctions on refined oil products and ordered the United Nations security council to immediately halt all related deliveries to North Korea.

The U.S. says North Korea has continued to smuggle refined petroleum products into the country in excess of the quota of 500,000 barrels per year allowed under United Nations sanctions imposed because of nuclear and missile programs.

In between came Pyongyang's "Pompeo peeve": Officials vented that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's latest terms are so "disappointing" and "regrettable" that they "rattle our willingness for denuclearization".

US State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said North Korea made contact on Thursday and offered to meet on Sunday instead.

It had been expected on Thursday at the inter-Korean truce village of Panmunjom. The U.S. also risks giving the North Koreans leverage to continue diplomacy and drag out disarmament talks. A statement signed by both leaders promised the "immediate repatriation of those already identified". The agreement reportedly covered the remains of some 200 American soldiers.