LeBron James: 'I Still Regret Giving My 14-Year-Old My Name'

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LeBron James Jr.is now playing on the AAU circuit.

"I'm sitting there and I'm watching the game, and I feel my hands just start sweating, I feel my chest start sweating", James said.

In a sense Beasley is right.

Heading into his 11th National Basketball Association season with his seventh franchise, Beasley knows something about locker room chemistry and the importance of professionalism. He said he couldn't have lasted this long in the league if he didn't get along with his teammates, listen to coaches and work toward team goals - and he feels the same about Rondo, Stephenson and McGee, who have all had enduring careers.

Demi Lovato's friends asked EMTs to respond to overdose without sirens
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The category of player Beasley is putting himself in is one full of goofballs and gunners. "And not only knows, but wants to play the game the right way". He hasn't been known as the kind of long-range sharpshooter with which the Cavaliers tried to surround James, but Beasley shot.403 on three-pointers over the previous two seasons and, anyway, the Lakers are trying to build a different team around their new superstar. Just before last February's trade deadline, the Cavs' front office went on a trading spree, sending Dwyane Wade to the Heat, Isaiah Thomas and Channing Frye to the Los Angeles Lakers, Jae Crowder and Derrick Rose to the Utah Jazz, and Iman Shumpert to the Sacramento Kings.

"I mean, 'Showtime.' That's Magic, you know?"

"I was trying to keep my emotions professional", Beasley said. The team also possess a promising young core group with Brandon Ingram, Kyle Kuzma, Josh Hart, and Lonzo Ball that could develop into star talent.

"They're going to experience things that I didn't experience", James said. "Stretching Luol Deng's contract gives them a clear path to more than $35 million in space ahead of 2019 free agency, by which time James will have been putting down roots and recruiting fellow megahumans for an entire year". "We are honored they want HBO to be the home of that conversation".