New York State revokes approval of the Charter-Time Warner merger

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The PSC has been critical of Charter's progress meeting these conditions, levying millions of dollars in penalties and firing off increasingly hostile statements about the communications giant.

He added that the company tried to "mislead the public" by saying it had provided new service to 12,467 addresses in New York City, when in fact those households already had service.

In a statement released by the New York State Public Service Commission, officials believe Charter has no interest in being a "corporate citizen" within New York State. "Today's actions are meant to address Charter's failings and to ensure NY has a partner interested in the public good, not just lining its pockets", the PSC said in the news release.

"Charter continues to show an inability or a total unwillingness to extend its network in the manner intended by the Commission to pass the requisite number of unserved or underserved homes and/or businesses", John B. Rhodes, chair of the commission, said in a 28-page decision.

NY regulators have revoked their approval of Charter Communications' merger with Time Warner Cable and ordered the company to find another cable provider for its more than 2 million customers in the state.

Representatives for Charter on Friday in an email said that the commission's action was "politically charged", an apparent reference to an ongoing dispute between Charter and Gov. Andrew Cuomo's administration over the company's required expansion of high-speed internet access.

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The company's purposeful obfuscation of its performance and compliance obligations to the state Commission and its customers.

Charter had agreed to bring its broadband network to 145,000 unserved or underserved homes in NY as a condition of its acquisition of Time Warner Cable. As a result of Charter's adamant refusal to abide by the conditions of the merger approval, the Commission ordered Charter to develop a transition plan. "Charter's non-compliance and brazenly disrespectful behavior toward New York State and its customers necessitates the actions taken today".

Charter is also accused of "below standard installation and construction work" including, the commission claims, improperly installing poles and leaving detached wires laying on the ground.

If you live in NY, what's your take on this decision?

In addition to being kicked out of New York, Spectrum is also being hit with a $3 million fine and must have all operations run per usual while New York finds a replacement for the ISP's exisitng subscribers within 60 days.

A Charter spokesman did not respond to requests for further comment.