Trump told Putin some of his own aides are 'stupid people'

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"Those are stupid people; you shouldn't listen to them", Trump responded, according to The Times.

It was in the same conversation that Trump congratulated Putin on his electoral win, despite that fact that Russian elections are a sham and that, reportedly, his aides had explicitly directed him not to offer congratulations.

Former U.S. officials said Putin might try to sell Trump on Russian Federation helping pressure Iran to remove its proxies from southwestern Syria but probably understood there was little chance of sanctions easing because of congressional opposition.

Democratic Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia described Trump's desire to make nice with Russian Federation as "very problematic".

So everyone knows what to expect come Wednesday and Thursday, when Trump and his NATO Ambassador Kay Bailey Hutchison (who thinks the president is hitting it out of the park, of course) will join our global security allies. If not, at least we can avoid misunderstandings.

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"Mr. Putin represents none of those values", Warner said. But if the president really trusts the handshake promise of a murderous dictator to give up the nuclear weapons he sees as an airtight insurance policy, then the president is a fool. He has often railed against the US's key allies, accusing fueling trade deficits with the US. "This is not fair, nor is it acceptable", the president posted on Twitter Monday.

He noted that member states have been improving, but insisted they "must do much more".

The top German officials expressed their frank criticism in interviews with media published on July 6, one day after Trump told a rally of supporters that Americans have been "schmucks" for paying a large share of Germany's and NATO's defense bills. In 2014, Russia's membership in what was formerly the G8 was revoked after it annexed Crimea.

I wrote at the time, and still believe, that Trump was right to meet with Kim. These include the seemingly endless mission in Afghanistan (about 25,000 North Atlantic Treaty Organisation troops remain there, 15,000 of them from the US); protecting the alliance members in the Baltics from Russian cyberattacks; a plan for approaching the rapidly opening Arctic Ocean (five North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies have significant coastlines threatened by an increasingly activist Moscow); and Nato's role in the Middle East.