North Korea only returned one dog tag to identify war remains

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U.S. intelligence officials familiar with Pyongyang's operations say that new evidence, including recent satellite photos, suggests that the regime is producing at least one liquid-fueled ICBM at the Sanumdong research facility, near Pyongyang. However, just as in the case of all the supposed chemical and biological weapons sites in Iraq, US intelligence agencies have in the past declared that certain sites within North Korea were secret nuclear facilities, when further investigation showed less threatening answers. The newspaper suggests this is not an expansion of North Korea's nuclear program, but evidence that the country's development of advanced weapons has continued. It is unclear whether Kim will follow through on any of those promises as the country's officials have discussed plans to deceive Washington about their unclear arsenal, according to the Post.

The Pentagon said it was "absolutely" considering the possibility of sending personnel to North Korea for this goal.

Mr Trump has insisted that progress has been made since the meeting... "Yes, they continue to produce fissile material", Pompeo said, although he declined to answer another query from Markey: whether North Korea continues to pursue building submarine-launched ballistic missiles.

"We too remain concerned" by North Korean violations of UN-approved sanctions, the United States official said. How could Kim be plotting against him when he sent him such a nice thank you note?

Vice President Mike Pence will greet the remains of United States service members returning to the USA on Wednesday during a ceremony in Hawaii.

A South Korean human rights commission said on Monday it will investigate whether a dozen North Korean restaurant workers who defected to the South two years ago came of their own free will or were tricked or coerced by an intelligence agent.

The official cited, however, pointed out that North Korea could conceivably rebuild the destroyed test stands "within months".

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The Trump administration, as part of the Singapore agreement, is pursuing discussions with North Korea on resuming those "field activities", for which past administrations have paid millions of dollars in donated vehicles, equipment, food and cash at the request of the North Koreans.

Deputy National Police chief Syafruddin, among the Indonesian delegation in Pyongyang, said Indonesia guaranteed security to all countries and contingents present at the Asian Games, including the government of North Korea.

38 North was founded by two North Korea experts from Johns Hopkins University.

The football-field-size building surrounded by a high wall and high-rise residential towers was externally completed by 2003, according to historical satellite photos, and USA intelligence agencies believe it has been operational for at least 10 years.

North Korea is also reportedly still secretly operating the Kangson uranium-enrichment facility.

North Korea is, however, dismantling some of its missile test sites.