USA to continue its 'steady cost-imposition' policy until Russian Federation changes course

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In a speech at the U.S. Peace Institute in Washington on August 21, British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt said that, after Russia's alleged poisoning of a Russian ex-spy in England this year with a chemical nerve agent, the European Union should apply more pressure to try to force Russia to honor global rules.

In particular, he warned, Russian Federation has been rallying and supporting, financially and organizationally, groups on the far left and far right "that stood for really heinous and ugly causes".

Making his first visit to the United States since taking office, British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt is expected to deliver a speech Tuesday that will call on the European Union "to ensure its sanctions against Russian Federation are comprehensive, and that we truly stand shoulder to shoulder with the U.S.". You have many other things.

Sen. Bob Corker, the Republican chair of the committee who's been critical of Trump, offered praise for the administration's policies, but said Trump's rhetoric has "undermined" those policies and helped "create additional disunity with the West".

What else will the Foreign Secretary be doing in Washington?

"Of course, we must engage with Moscow, but we must also be blunt: Russia's foreign policy under President [Vladimir] Putin has made the world a more risky place", Hunt said in the speech.

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In addition, they recalled that the administration had expelled 60 Russian spies and closed Russia's consulates in San Francisco and Seattle.

Hunt said there are several reasons for optimism, praising the United States for its strong stance on Russia following the March poisoning of a former Russian agent and his daughter in the British town of Salisbury.

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) on Tuesday suggested that President Donald Trump was sending "signals" to Russian President Vladimir Putin by continuing to equivocate over whether Russia interfered in the 2016 presidential election.

The sanctions seek to pressure North Korea to give up its nuclear program. Both officials said that would require a State Department review, but Billingsea noted Russian Federation has "definitely engaged in outrageous behavior", including other attempted assassinations on foreign soil.

The software giant said it had thwarted the Russia-linked attempts last week, which it suggested showed Moscow was broadening its attacks in the buildup to November elections. Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said the latest United States sanctions were based on "malicious insinuations" and a "hardheaded, narrow-minded and aggressive approach by the US".

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