'Captain Marvel' Trailer Unleashes Brie Larson's Superhero Movie Moment

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The movie may be drawing some inspiration from these classic tales, even if we doubt Rogue is going to be showing up in the movie.

The first snippet of info we're given to piece together Carol Danvers' situation comes relatively early on into the trailer, after Carol has emerged from a Blockbuster rental store (gone, but forever in our hearts).

The trailer opens with a very brief glimpse of the event that sends Carol Danvers to Earth. This first Marvel film featuring a solo female superhero lead is set to release March 8. The preview shows Brie Larson up to the task as Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers. Fury asks as the two are seen driving through a desert.

We meet our titular hero (AKA Carol Danvers), a former USA airforce pilot, in the mid-'90s after she has already acquired her superhuman powers from an explosion of a Kree device. ICYMI, here's the trailer of Captain Marvel! Possibly. It certainly looks like most of the action takes place with Danvers in in Starforce mode - which is no bad thing because it looks pretty badass.

"Space invasion. Big auto chase". It's important, then, to counterbalance that with someone who feels real.

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Lashana Lynch's Maria Rambeau is shown, with it previously revealed she does have a daughter, which is probably Monica Rambeua, who in the comics also took on the Captain Marvel name.

And as the Samuel Jackson de-aging CGI reflects, we're a long way from Thanos and "Avengers" 3.

As far as plot goes, here's what we do know: this is no origin story. In Captain Marvel's acclimation to the planet, he is her in-between. It is directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck and produced by Marvel Studios' Kevin Feige. Or something else? Either way, it's surely what brings her to Earth at the start of the movie and eventually introduces her to Nick Fury. Carol looks like she's getting tossed around a bit here, and I wonder if that'll be a motif throughout the story, with her getting thrown to the ground, which triggers a memory from a different period in her life. It'll likely be that attitude that makes her an eventual replacement for Captain America in the MCU. Wonder how many people's appearances have Skrulls stolen on Earth. As she gets up, dust and debris peppered throughout her buttery blonde locks, a familiar voice bellows in the background.

We all Lawson is actually the alter-ego of Mar-Vell, the original Captain Marvel, but there's nothing in the trailer to back it up just yet. Playing such a strong heroine has been "surreal", Larson shared.

Finally, the trailer featured Captain Marvel with a special mask (or as one of our writers likes to call it: the Gimp mask). And is that the pager that we saw at the end of Infinity War?