Trump Says It's 'Very Hard For Me To Imagine' Kavanaugh Accusations

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The more we learn about the allegations from Christine Blasey Ford, the woman accusing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault, the more apparent it becomes that she likely wasn't ever comfortable coming forward publicly.

Ford wants the FBI to investigate her claims, something of an impossibility given that Ford herself says she told no one about it until 2012, meaning contemporary witnesses can't be found. She recalled her 1982 encounter with Kavanaugh during an interview with The Washington Post, during which she said she thought the judge would "inadvertently kill her" as he held her down with his hand on her mouth to drown her protests.

"Regarding allegations against Brett Kavanaugh, Sen". If you are yet to make up your mind, you can read an argument for his confirmation and one against his confirmation on IrishCentral.

"He was nominated for the goal of taking away a woman's constitutionally protected right to make her own health care decisions", the tweet read. Are we to believe that Ford can recall a party where Kavanaugh was present, but Kavanaugh cannot recall any party where Ford was present... and yet he's sure that he was not at the party Ford is talking about?

If the judiciary committee's timetable slips, it would become increasingly hard for Republicans to schedule a vote before midterm elections on November 6, when congressional control will be at stake. Hirono, who serves on the Judiciary Committee, also told Politico on Tuesday that Democrats would be willing to keep the Supreme Court seat vacant for two more years in the hope that they would regain the White House.

Kavanaugh spent hours Tuesday in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, part of the White House complex. "She doesn't know how she got there, when it was and so that would logically be something where she would get questions".

Judge has said he has no recollection of an assault
Judge has said he has no recollection of an assault

Kennedy added that the allowance of a hearing for Ford and the judiciary committee's willingness to come to her is "pretty unusual". Kamala Harris, D-Calif., faced criticism from fact checkers for tweeting out a video of Kavanaugh appearing to describe some contraceptives as "abortion-inducing drugs" at his hearing.

"There are gaps in her memory", Cornyn said.

Criticism like that fed a Democratic narrative that the GOP's handling of Ford could jeopardize that party's election prospects in the age of #MeToo, the response to sexual abuse that has torched the careers of prominent men.

"It would seem that the Federal Bureau of Investigation really doesn't do that", Trump said. She sat on it until last week to make maximum political use out it, which I think is despicable. "And it is not the woman's fault".

As both sides contemplated the hearing, Republicans were thinking through the optics of a nationally televised showdown between Kavanaugh and his accuser at which all 11 Republican committee members are men.

"He's not happy, he's upset", Kennedy said. She managed to escape after the SCOTUS nominee's friend allegedly jumped on them.

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