Apple announces New MacBook Air: smaller bezels, smarter, faster, lighter

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Apple said the MacBook Air is the most-loved laptop from Apple, and the new Air is the flawless device for portable use. The new MacBook Air has better display with bigger screen-to-body ratio and better colours in the Retina Display.

Unfortunately, Apple has only included two USB-C ports (Thunderbolt 3) in this product. All other ports have been eliminated, as expected in Apple's modern MacBook port strategy. For now, there's Touch ID, much like on the MacBook Pro. but no Touch Bar. which should please some people if not everyone.

The company is also touting louder stereo speakers with more bass than before, and it features a three-mic array.

Apple seems to have taken the principle "if it ain't broke don't fix it" to heart with the design of the MacBook Air 2018, as it looks identical to previous models save for smaller and darker bezels.

The new Air has 17% less volume than its predecessor, making it even more portable. At 2.75 lbs, it is a quarter pound lighter than the previous version. The new MacBook Air has a design similar to existing Air but a much improved 13.3-inch screen. According to Apple, this new alloy is just as strong and durable, but can be created using 100% recycled aluminum.

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Apple announced a new model of its lightweight MacBook Air laptop on Tuesday during its event in Brooklyn, New York. Colourwise we're talking about Silver, Space Grey, and Gold. Apple will offer PCIe SSDs ranging from 128 GB all the way up to a whopping 1.5 TB in the Air. The T2 chip handles data encryption and secures your biometric information so that it won't be hacked.

The new MacBook Air retails for £1,199 ($1199), and is available to pre-order now. Finally, the T2 enables the new Air to have an always-on process listening for "Hey Siri" commands. You can now get up to 16GB RAM on the device, and up to 1.5TB SSD which is up to 60% faster. The screen measures 13.3-inch with four times the resolution of its predecessor. In that sense, the new MacBook Air skirts such perils. We'll keep you updated on the latest.

This MacBook Air cheat sheet has the details you need to know to determine whether this laptop is right for you.

The Air is the only computer in Apple's current line-up that lacks the Retina display now it gets one. The MacBook Pro starts at $1,799.

This drop in dimensions is largely thanks to the MacBook Air 2018 adopting a fanless Intel Y-series processor. It will be released on November 7. 10% thinner than the previous Air.