Federal Bureau of Investigation report 'shows no Kavanaugh misconduct'

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Republicans and the White House trumpeted the fact that the investigation found no corroborating evidence to Ford's claims, while Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-California) complained that the FBI's probe was not extensive enough.

Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley tweeted on Thursday, "Supplemental FBI background file for Judge Kavanaugh has been received".

The groundswell was overwhelming, he said, with hundreds of lawyers from more than 150 law schools signing on within hours.

Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) lit into the mainstream media about what he called a bias against Republicans at a media conference Thursday about the impending vote to confirm Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

The FBI also spoke with two more of Kavanaugh's high school classmates, Chris Garrett, whom Ford has said she "went out with for a few months", and Timothy Gaudette, who is listed in Kavanaugh's calendars as having hosted a July 1, 1982, gathering that Kavanaugh attended.

Another GOP lawmakers who has publicly taken no stance, Susan Collins of ME, also called the probe "a very thorough investigation" and said she'd read the documents later. Lisa Murkowski - gathered together in the room to review the documents.

Democrat Joe Manchin of West Virginia also has not declared how he'll vote. And that's something that two former FBI officials who I've spoken to have said normally, you would do an investigation like this. "The second thing we know for sure is that there's no way anything we did would satisfy the Democrats".

They include three people who Ford says were in the house at the time of the party.

GREENE: But you know, I'm just monitoring this news conference.

Top Democrats hit back after getting their own briefing.

Democrats have accused Republicans and the White House of putting extreme limits on the FBI's work.

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The Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell, has signalled he plans to force a final vote on Kavanaugh's nomination as early as Saturday, to follow an initial vote on Friday.

Republicans hold a 51-49 majority in the Senate, with Vice President Mike Pence a potential tie-breaking vote, meaning they can only lose one vote on Kavanaugh's nomination.

Several senators said 10 witnesses were interviewed for the report. "Fifty pages of an interview is like reading 50 pages of conversation in a book". John Kennedy, R-La., has called an "intergalactic freak show", the calls will likely prove fruitless.

As lawmakers anticipated the report, three key GOP senators who could decide the conservative jurist's fate rebuked President Donald Trump for mocking one accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, by mimicking her responses to questions at last week's dramatic Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. He provided no specifics.

He also said, "I disagree with Sen. Grassley's statement that there was no hint of misconduct".

Earlier, White House spokesman Raj Shah rebuffed Democrats' complaints, saying, "What critics want is a never-ending fishing expedition into high school drinking".

"We have differing views about the other qualifications of Judge Kavanaugh", they wrote.

The trio of GOP moderates, leery of three women's claims of alcohol-fueled sexual misconduct by Kavanaugh, had refused to let his nomination proceed last week until Trump ordered the Federal Bureau of Investigation probe.

The President took to Twitter Thursday to blast the "totally uncorroborated allegations!" The remarks were his strongest attacks yet of her testimony. A handful of Republican and Democratic senators are undecided on whether to support Kavanaugh and their votes will decide whether he is confirmed.

Protesters gathered in the Hart Senate Building atrium after US Capitol Police barricaded the front of the Capitol.