Google Pixel 3's OLED panel is LG-made, teardown reveals

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iFixit's latest teardown took on the new Google Pixel 3 XL and while there weren't a lot of surprises, it did clear up one of the remaining mysteries about the phone: Which company made its display. The Pixel 3 units that Best Buy sells are also locked to Verizon. While pre-orders are already shipping, you can now buy either of the third-generation Pixel phones directly from the Google Store, Project Fi, or from Verizon in the USA, while United Kingdom readers will have to wait until November 1st to splash the cash.

The Titan M chip is also used to verify your lock screen passcode with limits set on logon attempts, as well as preventing access to the secured encrypted flash storage on your phone, with decryption of your data only allowed after the chip successfully verifies your passcode. Putting a Verizon SIM in it, the phone worked fine - but it complained again as soon as it had another U.S. SIM inserted, so this isn't just a "first-time setup" requirement.

Impact: Manufacturers overselling their smartphones are not a new occurrence in the industry and the Pixel 3 line remains an excellent choice for mobile photography enthusiasts despite the shortcoming of Top Shot. When the phone is sold full-price with no contract, Verizon account or financing plan, we would typically expect that SIM slot to be unlocked.

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Following a short pre-order period, the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL are now shipping to customers in the United States and several other countries, including new markets such as France and Japan. Verizon can, of course, unlock any phone that has a SIM lock to its network. Pricing follows the official Google Store pricing which means you'll need to splash the cash to the tune of £739/£839 for the 64GB/128GB variants of the Pixel 3 and £869/£969 for the 64GB/128GB versions of the Pixel 3 XL. That is, until we get this whole situation sorted out.