Google Play is Now Upgrading Your Movies to 4K for Free

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With Google Play, it's now easier than ever for you to watch movies in the best quality possible, no matter which device you're using. As a result, it's no surprise that Google has just announced that customers in the US and Canada will receive free 4K upgrades of titles they have previously bought on Google Play Movies.

When Apple unveiled their upgraded 4K Apple TV box, they also introduced a new feature for iTunes content purchases that would automatically give users 4K versions of their movies and TV shows, when available.

But OK, if you already have a 4K TV, you might as well watch some UHD content, right? But the fact is, Apple hasn't been able to keep up with Apple which starts furnishing flat pricing for 4K movies in 2017 where the user could upgrade to 4K at minimal cost. Once upgraded, you'll be notified within the app the next time you open it. Google says it's working with LG to get the functionality up and running on that company's sets, as well.

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We think watching in 4K should be a no brainer, so we're continuously working to make that a reality. The app supports streaming the 4K video directly on Samsung Smart TVs if you have one.

As previously rumoured, Google is upgrading back catalogue films in your digital library to 4K versions. In addition to free 4K upgrades, Google is also lowering the price of 4K movies across the board, so that you might actually considering shelling out a few extra bucks for the best-looking version of the movie.