Here are the best Cardi B "how convenient is that" memes

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Little Mix have shared an official statement to try and explain the drama surrounding Nicki Minaj, Cardi B and their song "Woman Like Me".

In response to Cardi B, Minaj took to Twitter and said she would pay to have Cardi B take a lie detector over every claim she made.

Nicki Minaj gets on the latest episode of her QueenRadio show t bark on Cardi B about what REALLY happened during the confrontation with Cardi at a 2018 New York Fashion Week event last month.

First Nicki and Cardi, next world peace.

Nicki also mentioned Cardi's sister, #HennessyCarolina, is wrong for believing Nicki leaked Cardi's phone number, Nicki's fans leaked Cardi single "Money", and that she should stop bringing her up altogether.

According to Minaj, Cardi B was hit multiple times by Love & Hip Hop cast member Rah Ali, and it was Ali that injured Cardi, not her security.

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Minaj went further saying "We're all so blessed".

A few hours later, Cardi clapped back in a series of videos - 10, to be exact - she posted on Instagram. "Let's keep it positive and keep it pushing".

"Cardi's amped up her security, but she's really considering canceling her plans to celebrate Halloween altogether", the source says. "Cardi's just trying to be smart and have all of her bases covered", the source says. "You won't. I must admit you're a convincing liar". "First you say you've got the footage, but then you say you wanna pay somebody $100,000 if they give you the footage?" The Invasion of Privacy rapper responded by airing out her grievances regarding the recording process behind "Motorsport", specifically as it related to Minaj's alleged convoluted re-recording of her verse.

'I'm not doing it - I'm in a good space right now - let me know what's up'. I'm with whatever. But I'm sick and exhausted of that back and forth s***. 'We can talk about it or we can fight it out.

And Jade Thirlwall appeared to side with Nicki when she liked her response to Cardi's comments about Woman Like Me. For the record, she left the Plaza [Hotel] and walked in front of me. The hardest punches you've ever heard in your life'. Rah said it looked like she was going to put her hand on me'.