Hope Hicks Hire Takes Fox Veterans by Surprise

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Hope Hicks, the former White House communications director and director of strategic communications, has been named the chief communications officer of Fox. (While Rice and Walden's new roles had already been thoroughly reported on in the entertainment trade press for months, the Hicks hire was dropped without any advance warning - the surprise combining with her significant public profile for maximum impact).

"She is as smart and thoughtful as they come, a truly great person", Trump said in a statement after her White House resignation, adding: "I am sure we will work together again in the future". Fox News, Fox Sports, and the broadcast network were not part of the deal but are being rebranded as Fox. According to The Cut, she's got a brand-new job at Fox, which will put her out on the West Coast, far, far away from the machinations of the Capitol. So happy for my friend. He is known as such an avid viewer of Fox that anchors and political guests have even sometimes sought to address Trump directly from its programs in attempts to influence his thinking. White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders tweeted that Fox was "beyond lucky" to have her.

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Fox also announced Danny O'Brien would head its government relations.

Key executives had not expected Henderson to continue with New Fox, whose assets will be roughly a third of the size of the current company's.