How to unlock Red Dead Redemption 2's best cheat codes

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Some claim you have to wear it for a while before it's yours, others think you have to go to a camp while wearing it in order to store it. And you are probably not going to see them this side of December.

As one of the most anticipated games of the year, Rockstar's latest AAA blockbuster Red Dead Redemption has lived up to the hype - in fact, it's now the highest reviewed game of the Xbox One and PS4 console generation, with Metacritic averages of 97 across both platforms. All the upgrades will cost you around $600. Red Dead Redemption 2 is a western that is set in the waning days of the American frontier, shortly before the start of the 20th century.

To upgrade the main camp in Red Dead Redemption 2, head over to the donation box behind Dutch's tent.

To win dominoes, you need to get rid of all your tiles as quickly as possible, but will be forced to draw one whenever you can't play your turn.

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This time around, the development team have made it part of the menu screens, which has a subsection that lists all the cheats you have found.

Best wishes to all of you. If doing so on a PC, you should be able to select which of your connected Google Account devices will receive the download, with the download then starting automatically on that device.

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And even if you're already tens of hours in, it's worth ensuring you haven't missed out on these pointers and awesome gameplay moments.