Reasons to Buy the iPhone XR (and 3 Reasons to Skip)

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Other than actually getting inside the iPhone XR, Apple doesn't put too many hurdles in the way-the 11.16Wh battery is not glued down and comes out rather easily.

HuffPost weren't given access to the iPhone to review it, but here are a selection of reviews discussing some of the most talked about elements of the new phone from those lucky enough to get their hands on one before its highly-anticipated release.

The iPhone XR is significantly heavier than iPhones past - it weighs in at 194 grams. It also supports dual-SIM where the secondary slot is an eSIM. However, it is smaller than that of the iPhone XS Max with 12.08 Wh.

If you were expecting the iPhone XR to be a reasonable-sized device, you're going to be disappointed. 7 megapixel front facing camera with f/2.2 aperture.

Pricing sweet spot - Apple has always relied on last year's iPhone models to make up for the lower-cost models of the current year models, but that strategy changed this year. According to the channel, the duration of the battery models are two to three hours more than the more expensive iPhone XS iPhone XS Max. The standard XS starts at about $1,000; its supersized cousin, the XS Max, goes for $100 more.

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In our country began selling the new smartphone iPhone XR from Apple, the most affordable in its line-up in 2018.

The iPhone XR has wireless charging built in. But if there's one thing that stands out about the iPhone XR, it's battery life. However, Apple expended a great amount of effort to create an LCD display that can be pushed to the edges of the phone and provide the colour gamut that rivals the best LCD displays on the market. The presence of glass on the back does make the device very smudge and scratch prone (and remarkably, there are no cases available for it at the of writing, even from Apple), but it also adds a touch of class to it, a la the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. Customers are split on whether or not this is right; there are complaints by many who don't want to look like they've just edited away their natural features.

Phones like the XR and Google's Pixel models use software instead to achieve the same effect with just one camera.

The media presence likewise wasn't in full force, there weren't TV crews or morning TV show crosses, and the first person to buy the iPhone XR wasn't filmed or photographed in all their glory, but I did get to interview that person as you'll see in my video below.