Roberts refers complaints about Kavanaugh to federal judges in Colorado

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More significantly, 77 percent of Democrats are now saying that they are "very motivated" to vote, compared to only 68 percent of Republicans - a bad sign considering other recent surveys showing Democrats with a marked lead over Republicans in a number of key districts in the House of Representatives.

Kavanaugh heard his first arguments on Tuesday as a Supreme Court justice, following one of the most contentious confirmation processes in the country's history.

Tymkovich is a George W. Bush appointee who is on Trump's Supreme Court short list. Tymkovich was on President Donald Trump's list of possible Supreme Court nominees. "We will increase our majorities".

US President Donald Trump has mocked the #MeToo movement as he intensified his criticism of the campaign against sexual harassment and assault which almost hit his Supreme Court pick Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

As for the accusations against Kavanaugh, he said he found Christine Blasey Ford's account of her sexual assault "convincing" but noted that there had been no corroboration.

"On behalf of our nation, I want to apologize to Brett and the entire Kavanaugh family for the awful pain and suffering you have been forced to endure", Trump said, addressing the bitter partisan fight over Kavanaugh's nomination that became a firestorm after the emergence of sexual misconduct allegations, which Kavanaugh emphatically denied. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., Sen. The Senate Judiciary Committee is poised to forward nine nominations to the full Senate for final confirmation on Thursday, and a confirmation hearing for lower court nominees is scheduled for October 17. He bemoaned what he considered Democrats tying the Senate in knots with procedural votes on less controversial executive branch nominations. The majority of Democrats align themselves with the pro-choice movement - a woman's right to govern her own body - while most Republicans see themselves as pro-life - that life starts at conception.

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The May federal budget forecast 3 per cent GDP in 2018-19 and the same the following financial year. It left its U.S. growth projection for this year at 2.9 per cent.

And other Democrats warned the intensity of the protests will spill over into the November elections.

"We wish you a long and happy career in our common calling", Roberts said. Harris and Warren are both potential presidential contenders in 2020. It not clear who filed the others. If Republicans gain two or more, they will have strengthened their control over the Senate.

Democrats hadn't forgotten Senate Republicans' year-long campaign to hold open a Supreme Court seat to prevent former president Barack Obama making a final appointment before the 2016 election.

A handful of protesters rallied outside the court in opposition to the conservative justice, who was confirmed on Saturday by the Senate by a razor-thin margin after weeks of partisan rancor. By 51 percent to 41 percent, more adults disapprove than approve of Kavanaugh's Senate confirmation. Congress is facing a packed post-election legislative agenda, and allowing more Trump judges now only gives Republicans more room to work with in coming months. "They just try to identify you, what tribe do you belong to, and I tell them I belong to the American tribe and West Virginia is the best branch we've got", Manchin said in an interview a few days before he broke with Democrats to vote for Kavanaugh.

Trump, under pressure from moderate Republican senators, had ordered a brief FBI investigation, whose results Republicans viewed as failing to corroborate the allegations and which Democrats saw as insufficient.