SEC Lawsuit Against Musk Wiped $7.3 Billion From Tesla’s Market Value

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Neither Musk nor Tesla admitted or denied the SEC's findings as part of the settlement, which still must be approved by a court.

Tesla's stock price has swung sharply since Musk tweeted in August he was thinking of taking the company private. Munster reiterated that those aspects of the settlement, which could serve to handcuff Musk from acting sporadically, aren't necessarily a bad thing.

Tesla's shares soared 16% on Monday after chief executive Elon Musk settled a fraud lawsuit with the United States regulator.

Alongside Musk's change of interaction with Tesla, both he and the company need to pay a $20 million fine for the foible.

Besides a new chairman, Tesla was also ordered to appoint two new, independent members to its board. Some analysts had said that Musk's departure would harm Tesla's brand, fundraising abilities and stakeholders' confidence if the company lost its key visionary. Following Musk's Twitter antics, Telsa and Musk are under investigation for possible criminal fraud due to Musk's "funding secured" tweet.

The episode had increased scrutiny of the California-based company, which has struggled over the previous year to boost output of its newest model.

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Gene Munster, venture capitalist at Loup Ventures, said Gore would be able to use the role to get Musk, who is still CEO of Tesla, in line.

Tesla Motors accelerated production of its pivotal Model 3 sedan during the summer just as CEO Elon Musk promised, vindicating the electric vehicle maker's leader amid a backdrop of baffling behavior that jeopardized his job. The SEC also filed papers that charged Tesla with failing to exercise proper oversight over Musk's actions and laid out a separate settlement of those charges.

Separately, Tesla agreed Saturday to pay $20 million to settle claims it failed to adequately police Musk's tweet.

The stock surged as much as 18% in pre-market trading and wiped away Friday's losses, when the stock closed 14% lower.

The company has said that more than 400,000 customers are waiting to buy Model 3 sedans, and that each paid a $1,000 deposit. Musk has told upset customers that "we've gone from production hell to delivery logistics hell", and the CEO has incomprehensibly suggested the solution is for Tesla to build its own auto carriers, despite no evidence of any shortage of vehicle haulage capacity.