Steelers seeking second-round pick, player for Le'Veon Bell

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According to Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports, the Steelers would be interested in trading Bell to the Seattle Seahawks for their own disgruntled star player, Earl Thomas. If he doesn't report until after Week 6, the lost income will reach $5.13 million. The move might seem unusual if you don't know the background between the two parties, but with context it's a pretty clear message to the management that doesn't seem to want Thomas around after he plays out the string on his current contract. I want to win games and the playoffs.

The man who hasn't given up his quest for a new contract chimed in on the Instagram post.

The Pittsburgh Steelers do not play during week seven.

Since Bell can not negotiate a long-term deal until the end of the season, he'd still be taking on the injury risk if he agreed to a trade.

So, 49ers fans who want Bell in red and gold shouldn't get too excited. "If a team wanted to, they could definitely do what they needed to do to make me happy and satisfied".

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Meanwhile, Bell's continued absence from Pittsburgh has raised questions about what his future salary could and would be if the Steelers, or any team that traded for him, used the transition tag on him this offseason. "He should be 100% by the Super Bowl... and free agency", Ian Rapoport tweeted. The trade deadline is October 30.

Bell is not content with his contract, and wants a long-term deal which would provide greater financial security.

"I could be naïve or hopeful, but at the end of the day I feel like that's what's going to happen", Bell said. "A lot of people call me selfish but I'm really not". That could be me being prideful.

Without Bell, the Steelers are ranked No. 28 in rushing offense. Bell's replacement James Conner has rushed for 213 yards and three touchdowns on 54 carries.