Theresa May dances to ABBA’s Dancing Queen, Netizens are freaking out

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The world would be a better place if we all danced to ABBA more.

The embattled British Prime Minister strutted onto the stage to the gloriously joyful refrain from the Swedish hitmakers, unaware that she was well and truly wrecking any chance of enjoying the song in the future without referring back to this terrible moment in history.

Fresh from dancing her way on stage, during her speech, May warned European Union leaders that Britain was not afraid to leave the bloc without a separation deal, and told the audience that internal party disunity risked the Brexit process being reversed.

Her entrance to "Dancing Queen" was compared to the embarrassing work of David Brent, the entrance of wrestlers and football managers, and even a GIF from The Simpsons.

Theresa May rules out second referendum saying 'the people voted leave'
Theresa May has hit back at Boris Johnson's plan for Brexit , claiming it would "tear up" the UK's pledge to Northern Ireland. May is urging her fractious Conservative Party to unite and help her seal a deal with the bloc.

Until this evening, I have never thought to speculate on the dancing ability of Theresa May, prime minister of the United Kingdom, but, given the evidence, I am forced to conclude that she falls into the same camp I do. I know, so meta.

Theresa May dances on to the stage at the Conservative Party Conference. It's not quite dancing, as she is walking with goal.

May later said his speech made her "cross".

The prime minister's speech comes amid mounting pressure to reassert her authority just hours after one Member of Parliament signed a a letter of no confidence in her leadership.