United States justice department sues California to over new net neutrality law

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The Department of Justice says that the new California law goes against the federal governments desire to deregulate the internet by creating anti-consumer requirements.

A number of other USA states would also like to implement their own rules to protect net neutrality, although the FCC's decision clearly forbids such moves.

Jerry Brown has signed into law the strictest set of net neutrality protections ever seen in the US.

"I look forward to working with my colleagues and the Department of Justice to ensure the internet remains 'unfettered by federal or state regulation, ' as federal law requires, and the domain of engineers, entrepreneurs, and technologists, not lawyers and bureaucrats."

The government said that California sought to "second-guess" the federal government and warned "the effect of this state legislation would be to nullify federal law across the country".

As State Senator Weiner said in a statement, within minutes of the signing, Attorney General Jeff Sessions "came out of his cave and sued California to strike down the law", but Weiner said he is confident that California will be able to fend off the federal challenge.

The California Chamber of Commerce has argued that the composition of corporate boards should be determined internally, not mandated by government.

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The University of California and California State University, the campuses that would have been affected by the legislation, did not take any official position on the bill aside from expressing concern regarding the costs of implementing it.

However, the Attorney General for California, Xavier Becerra, said that the Trump administration was ignoring millions of Americans who supported net neutrality rules.

Supporters of Net Neutrality, Toyah and Lance Brown Eyes, protest the FCC's decision to repeal the program in Los Angeles, California, November 28, 2017. California was also the largest state to impose their own net neutrality regulations.

California state Sen. Scott Wiener, an author of the state bill, struck back said in a statement the Justice Department lawsuit is just the latest attempt by the administration to block the state's initiatives.

Advocates of net neutrality hope that Brown's move in the home of the global technology industry will have national implications, prompting Congress to enact national net neutrality rules or encouraging other states to follow suit.

In March, Brown accused the Trump administration of essentially declaring war on the most populous USA state after the Justice Department sued to stop policies that protect illegal immigrants against deportation. "The law prohibits many free-data plans, which allow consumers to stream video, music, and the like exempt from any data limits".