Melania Trump defends controversial White House holiday decorations

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This is usually uncontroversial, but when the video revealed a hallway lines with blood-red Christmas trees, it was red meat for the snarkers on social media, who went to town criticizing the First Lady's judgement, to the point where she felt compelled to defend herself.

Critics have said the comment was similar to her husband Donald Trump's approach.

"Talking about opioids and getting the message out, and what is the media... hung up on with the first lady now?"

In 2017, the Trumps' first Christmas in the White House, her spindly, white trees with lights casting spooky shadows were also the subject of "Shining" memes.

"I hope everybody will come over and visit it", she said. "In real life, they look even more attractive".

As you may know, Melania, in her position as the First Lady of the United States is responsible for the décor at the White House every year of Trump's presidential rule.

"It's the 21st century and everybody has different tastes, I think they look fantastic".

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"I teach him what is right, what is wrong, and I will always tell him that drugs, they could be very unsafe and they could mess up your mind and body", Trump said.

Outside the White House, another Christmas tree was causing less controversy. "You're all very welcome to visit the White House".

Another subject was social media etiquette, a cornerstone of her "Be Best" campaign (along with opioid use and well-being), with Melania remarking that it's important to be "respectful and kind".

Almost 48,000 people in the U.S. died as a result of overdoses involving opioids past year.

"When I took on opioid abuse as one of the pillars of my initiative 'Be Best,' I did it with the goal of helping children of all ages", she said.

Mrs. Trump was speaking at a Liberty University "town hall" about the opioid addiction epidemic.