Microsoft is cautiously rolling the Windows 10 Autumn update

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Alongside its Patch Tuesday release, Microsoft has taken another stab at releasing a stable Windows 10 update.

Read Fortin's full and lengthy blog post here, and let us know if you are satisfied with Microsoft approach to Windows testing.

Thirty-seven days after Microsoft withdrew the Windows 10 October 2018 Update from all distribution, the Redmond, Wash. company has yet to restart delivery.The delay has no precedent in Windows 10 and has gone on significantly longer than instances in prior editions when updates, majority security fixes, had to be pulled and then later re-released.Microsoft debuted the fall feature upgrade, also known as 1809 in the firm's yymm format, on Oct. 2.

For its next feature update, due out in spring 2019, Microsoft will be introducing a Light alternative. Under this feature-update scheme, new OS features arrived biannually, in the spring and fall.

Microsoft has so not far revealed any possible changes to its Windows 10 update schedule.

Settings crashes when clicking on the "View storage usage on other drives" option under System Storage. It generally discourages organizations from using the long-term servicing branch option.

The new update should start rolling out soon to Windows 10 PCs, or you can manually check for updates and get it right away. However, it is by no means foolproof, as any complex operating system like Windows 10 has numerous avenues through which things can go horribly wrong. Microsoft has typically argued that this faster update release pace is necessary, both for innovation purposes and for ensuring security.

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"If we detect that your device may have an issue, such as an application incompatibility, we will not install the update until that issue is resolved, even if you "Check for updates", so you avoid encountering any known problems".

Microsoft keeps track of Customer Incident Rate for each release. Basically, it promises to improve the quality of software and the delivery of these updates. A Delay Snip was added recently and that's now accompanied by the ability to capture a specific window.

The update also promises a dark theme for File Explorer, a clipboard history, a new screenshot annotation tool, an update for the Edge browser and new emojis.

This is the second Windows elevation of privilege zero-day that Microsoft patched in the last two months, ZDNet notices. Windows quality is of paramount as the entire Windows ecosystem depends on it. For us, end to end testing occurs through many mechanisms. "Expect us to refine this experience", Microsoft added. For Active Hours, Windows can automatically push out updates based on your device activity.

A bug in Windows 10 version 1809 prevents mapped network drives from being reconnected on system start.

Windows 10 version 1809 also can be actively downloaded.