Microsoft to Launch Disc-Less Xbox One for Under $200 in 2019

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It will be a lighter-weight option for folks who still haven't purchased an Xbox One or are interested in a newer console.

Thurott's Brad Sams says that the console is basically an Xbox One S with the optical drive removed - a change created to bring the Xbox One hardware's price to the lowest point possible.

On top of this rumored discless console, Thurrott also reports that Microsoft will release a revised Xbox One S console that retains the disc drive but still has a lower cost.

Microsoft has announced its Black Friday Xbox One deals.

Neither console is confirmed to exist, but if Thurrott's sources are right, we should hear about them soon: the sans-disc Xbox is reportedly targeting a spring 2019 launch. So really it comes down to whether you want discs or not. However, the new Xbox consoles aren't expected until 2020.

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The reason gamers responded so poorly at the time was that they feared games would then lose their re-sale value and many didn't have the internet connection necessary to power through large file downloads - two problems that haven't quite gone away in the last five years.

Game streaming won't be exclusive to new consoles either; the company has promised that their recently announced cloud-gaming service, Project xCloud, would be capable of streaming Xbox games to smartphones and computers across the world.

While there isn't an official confirmation from Microsoft on this information just yet, the report details that the console is slated to release in 2019 and will not allow users to insert discs into the console.

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