Mouse and keyboard support added with November 2018 Xbox Update

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You can also quit apps or use the voice assistant as a "controller" now if you wish.

Announced in September of 2018, Xbox will be supporting keyboard and mouse as a native input method in select titles.

Xbox One gamers will be able to start playing their favorite games using arguably the best input mechanism combination for shooters and strategy titles, the mouse and keyboard, starting Wednesday, November 14.

And that's not the only discount Microsoft unveiled: The Xbox One X is getting a Black Friday price drop to $399, a $100 discount on its standard $499 price, and all controllers (including the colorful Design Lab controllers) are $10 off.

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The Xbox Game Pass offer can be redeemed anytime between now and January 3.

It seems to be the same idea as originally promised though, with Microsoft's cloud computing system Azure allowing you to blow up absolutely anything in the game. Through Elgato, CORSAIR's subsidiary brand for content creators, Mixer broadcasters will be empowered to improve their streams through integration with the powerful and versatile Elgato Stream Deck, along with other exciting initiatives now in development.

More information on the update can be found over on Xbox Wire. A major feature included is Dynamic Color support, granting developers access to the hardware's RGB features. Microsoft has already made Fortnite, Warframe and Minecraft compatible.

The big question now is how that will affect game balancing for console players. Corsair said that "Microsoft is focused on working with developers to ensure that these games are fun, fair and properly balanced no matter how players decide to control them". And while some Xbox players may worry about going up against players using different inputs, Epic assured players that they will only play against others with the same input devices.