President Trump insults reporters, claims Jim Acosta video 'wasn't doctored'

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President Donald Trump rebuked CNN reporter Jim Acosta on Friday while speaking with reporters on the White House lawn, calling him an "unprofessional guy" with a "loud voice" who doesn't treat White House officials "with respect". In the meantime, Acosta has continued to report without physical access to the White House grounds; he is now in Paris to cover Trump's trip to France. He does this with everybody. "You shouldn't be working for CNN", Trump said.

Many other political pundits have accused Acosta of the same thing, adding that he clearly had an exaggerated sense of self-importance, enough to believe that he was entitled to act in such a way in comparison to everyone else.

A video distributed by the Trump administration to support its argument for banning CNN reporter Jim Acosta from the White House appears to have been doctored to make Acosta look more aggressive than he was during an exchange with a White House intern, an independent expert said Thursday.

Ryan isn't the only black female journalist Trump has derided this week.

The president and the reporter sparred at a press briefing Wednesday, culminating with a White House intern trying to pull the microphone away from Mr Acosta.

"I mean, she intentionally disseminated doctored video footage to discredit a reputable journalist", Kimmel stated.

"President Trump deftly used the Acosta incident to play the victim of unfair press treatment", they said. She doesn't know what the hell she's doing. "You have to treat the White House with respect, you have to treat the presidency with respect". In a press release, the group said it stood in solidarity with Acosta and argued Trump did a "disservice to democracy" by demeaning journalists.

President Trump answered several, wide ranging questions Friday morning for the White House press pool before hopping on a plane to Paris. This is a very special place.

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On the intern question, yes he definitely did touch her with his left hand as he tried to hold onto the mic.

"What a stupid question that is, what a stupid question".

"I understand", Alexander said, attempting to ask a question.

Acosta asked very few actual questions during his exchange with Trump.

Unprompted, Trump brought up April Ryan, the White House correspondent for American Urban Radio Networks, who doubles as a CNN analyst.

Trump soured on Sessions after the former senator recused himself from overseeing the FBI's probe of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. "And the way you treat other people is awful".

She says that she'd been asking about voter suppression, a far more serious problem than voter fraud.

Conway said Acosta should not have swiped at the White House aide before "grabbing the microphone back". You have to treat the White House with respect.