Three US service members killed in Afghanistan blast

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Aref Noori, a spokesman for the Ghazni governor's office, said a joint military operation by Afghan and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation troops had been underway in a village southeast of Ghazni city Tuesday morning when the bomb struck an armored military vehicle carrying foreign forces.

The deaths came just days after Sgt. Leandro Jasso, a member of the elite 75th Ranger Regiment, was killed battling al-Qaida fighters during a raid in southwestern Nimruz province.

Three American service members have died when a roadside bomb exploded in Afghanistan's Ghazni province, U.S. military officials said on Tuesday.

The deaths of Jasso and the three service members bring the number of US troops killed in Afghanistan this year to 13.

The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack near the city of Ghazni, capital of the central Afghanistan province, according to the Associated Press.

Three other USA service members were wounded along with a US military contractor, they added. There are also several thousand U.S. Special Forces conducting counterterrorism missions.

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Tuesday's blast also follows a visit to Ghazni last week by the top US commander in the country, Gen. Scott Miller, to discuss the security situation.

Afghan leaders and global diplomats meet in Geneva on Tuesday to evaluate whether strategies and aid offered to Afghanistan are helping resolve the quagmire created by the 17-year war, paving way for the withdrawal of foreign troops.

During the same period, almost 29,000 Afghan police and soldiers had been killed, Ghani said. "All of us, and throughout our coalition of 41 nations, recognize the threats posed by groups such as al-Qaida and ISIS and are determined to fight them here". Taylor was the mayor of Ogden, Utah, and a member of the Utah Army National Guard.

The NATO Resolute Support mission announced that three service members and a contractor were also wounded in the explosion today near the city of Ghazni, southwest of Kabul. The military did not immediately identify any of the casualties.

The Resolute Support Mission reported earlier that a U.S. soldier died on 24 November during the fighting in Afghanistan.

"U.S. troops are fighting terrorism side-by-side with us".